Texas Surgical Providers


Texas, known for its incredible growth in both its population and economy, continues to participate in the national healthcare experience as a leader in healthcare delivery. As a state without a certificate of need for hospital start-ups, Texas represents the evolving entrepreneurial spirit in modern healthcare. With quality as the driver of performance, Texas providers are able to experience just some of these benefits:


  • Highly diverse and dynamic healthcare business environment.
  • World-class healthcare systems in all major cities that recruit their patient populations nationally and worldwide.
  • Nimble and flexible physician groups who are able to adapt to current healthcare landscape.
  • One of the few US State economies that continue to show steady and diverse growth in all sectors.


F5 Surgical of Texas PLLC provides the operating service structure in the state. Being a medical profession corporation, our business structure allows our surgical clients the flexibility for their own firms with whom we contract. Our agreements are with our client companies and not with individual providers, payers or institutions. This distinction serves as a clear contractual line defining our service as a billing entity and not as a provider of surgical services.



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