Revenue Cycle Management


Service consistency over time can be difficult for some businesses to maintain. Promises are easy, but the daily action to keep those promises is where the rubber meets the road. Our firm works diligently to give our clients that consistency. Since 2010 we have been providing results which allow our clients to continue to grow their business.

Claim information discrepancies along with the complexity of the adjudication process can slow processing down to a crawl. We take pride in our regimented procedures that allow us to process accurately the large volume of claims we receive each day.

Standardization along our process lines improves the efficiency and effectiveness of billing accuracy and reduces errors and unpaid claims. Each claim goes through a standard coding and cross walk validation followed by data driven software edits that allow 99.8% first pass clean claims.

All non-passed claims are reviewed immediately and worked on all levels until the issue is resolved. Claims found to be inaccurately adjudicated or under paid, flow through a comprehensive work queue, so no stone is left unturned.

Biweekly reports and payments keep everything flowing, therefore maximizing the yield of our clients' time and effort.




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