Georgia Surgical Providers


Georgia as a state is especially diverse and organized in its healthcare delivery. With urban and semi-urban facilities demonstrating a wide mix of payer classes outside of government payers, Georgia is home to excellent opportunities in the healthcare environment. Some of these benefits include:


  • A robust business climate that continues to support traditional benefit plans.
  • Healthcare systems that provide deep and comprehensive procedural services for the benefit of their patient populations.
  • A mix of strong private practice groups working alongside hospital employed physician practices.
  • Competitive service lines between surgical providers and their hosting hospital facilities.


F5 Surgical LLC provides the operating service structure in the state. Being a medical corporation, our business structure allows our surgical clients the flexibility for their own firms with whom we contract. Our agreements are with our client companies and not with individual providers, payers or institutions. This distinction serves as a clear contractual line defining our service as a billing entity and not as a provider of surgical services.



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